Usher - “Climax (prod. Diplo)”

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Wait… what?! After noticing a headline on Pitchfork yesterday saying that Diplo, Usher, Redd Stylez, Ariel Rechtshaid and Nico Muhly were collaborating on a song, I thought I had to have my eyes checked. This may be one of the most random (and epic) collaborations I’ve heard of in awhile. For those of you who don’t know who these people are, I’ll give you a brief run-down: Diplo is a DJ, Usher is a very famous R&B singer, Redd Stylez is a significantly less famous R&B singer, Ariel Rechtshaid is a record producer and bassist for Foreign Born and Nico Muhly is a classical music composer. How this motley crew got together, I have no idea, but it totally works. The track is sexy as hell; in the words of Diplo (via his Twitter), “[I’m] pretty sure in 9 months there are gonna be a lot of new babies that this song is responsible for.”

Climax by diplo

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